Camper Overland





The very beginning of any project we take on will involve a consultation to find out what stage of the process you are currently at. We will discuss your needs, timeline, and budget. Have you started shopping around for a van or camper but need help deciding what will best fit your lifestyle? Perhaps you want help to find a good candidate for a van or camper renovation... we can help you find your dream rig!  Maybe you already own a vehicle or camper and feel overwhelmed by the building process... we will happily design and build your camper for you. We charge a small $10 fee for a 30 minute consultation.


After discussing your needs, we can help to design a layout that suits you. Do you want a custom camper that has all the comforts of home? We love getting creative! Do you dream of a mobile retail space for your business? We love it... let's brainstorm to get your shop up and rolling! In our design process we will help you to choose everything from materials to systems (i.e. secondary power systems, plumbing, solar, etc.) to best suit your lifestyle and level of comfort. We love seeing what other travelers and creatives are coming up with for design concepts, and we have learned some tricks of our own along the way.  


We are a time and materials shop. Through the consultation and design process, we will come up with a general estimated cost for each part of the renovation process, from demolition to building. We will carefully inspect everything to see what type of work will need to be involved in completing the build from start to finish. Often, with older vehicles there may be unforeseen circumstances like rot or rust, and we will work with you to come up with a game plan for mitigating any potential future issues before the build begins. Cost is very dependent on materials as well as design, but generally speaking, a start-to-finish build of a basic camper with lights, fan, cabinets, and bed costs 8k (including time and materials) and upwards. In general, with a custom camper like this built to suit, one should anticipate spending around 10k for time and materials. The more intricate the interior, the higher the cost, as with any building process. The addition of components like refrigerators, power systems, etc. will also bring up the final cost. This said, we are more than happy to work with budgets, and try to keep everything as close to your target as possible. We are also able to work on these building projects in steps to help spread out the cost. Do you want to start with floors, ceiling, and walls, and put off other custom interior pieces for later? No problem. We will happily work on your project in phases!


Feel free to visit our contact page if you have any other questions, or to get the ball rolling on your custom project!