Camper Overland





Jeff has been a traveler for a good portion of his adult life. He has made any excuse necessary to take a trip, regardless of the distance or lack of planning. After moving to San Francisco from Boston to chase warmer weather and find endless places to ride his skateboard, he soon got fed up with paying the rent prices and opted for a less conventional option to be able to stay in California. He purchased a 91' conversion van and began building, to give himself a place to lay his head, but still afford to take more days off for adventure.

The years to follow would be a whirlwind of cross-country trips, traveling east to west and back again numerous times. The van's interior would adapt with his lifestyle changes. It was transformed from bachelor pad to a rolling home with enough space for himself, girlfriend, and dog. The three hit the road and spent nearly two years exploring North America together, spending time in the mountains and deserts of the US.

The van was constantly updated, even on the road, adding solar power and 12v refrigeration when the constant refilling of ice in the cooler and running low on power became a burden and kept them from getting too far off the beaten path. There's a steep learning curve that comes along with this lifestyle, and finding creative solutions is a necessary endeavor. Jeff has always found ways to keep travel comfortable but not overly complicated. Days into yet another cross-country trip, Jeff had the realization that maybe he should spend some of this energy and enthusiasm helping others to come up with creative ways to live and travel in their campers, whether it's just for the weekend, or for more extensive full-time travel. His first hand experiences in traveling long-term, and knowledge of building campers from start to finish, makes him a valuable resource when it comes to designing and building a custom camper. Camper Overland is the product of years of travel, hundreds of thousands of miles logged, and endless hours of tinkering. We're excited to make your next adventure ours!